"Stages" is the word used for the levels, maps, areas, etc. that make up the places where the various game modes are played in, some stages can only be accessed in certain modes.

Here is a list of all the stages avaible in the current version of the game (v1.0.5) and the game mode(s) they can be played in:

  • Alley (Soccer)
  • Billboard (Melee, Gang)
  • Blimp (Melee, Gang)
  • Buoy (Melee, Gang)
  • Chutes (Melee, Gang)
  • Containers (Melee, Gang)
  • Elevators (Melee, Gang)
  • Girders (Melee, Gang)
  • Gondola (Melee, Gang)
  • Grind (Melee, Gang, Waves)
  • Ring (Melee, Gang)
  • Rooftop (Melee, Gang, Waves)
  • Incinerator (Melee, Gang, Waves)
  • Lighthouse (Melee, Gang)
  • Towers (Melee, Gang)
  • Train (Melee, Gang)
  • Trucks (Melee, Gang)
  • Subway (Melee, Gang, Waves)
  • Vents (Melee, Gang)
  • Wheel (Melee, Gang)